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Did you know?


FedEx is not just a remarkable business story. It’s a mosaic of captivating moments and unique events. Here are a few of the most memorable events and shipments over the years.

Four-legged freight:

  • 1 unique table (it was Vincent van Gogh’s)
  • 4 giant pandas
  • 1 white tiger
  • 45 show horses
  • 1 hippopotamus

Unusual cargo:

  • World War II tanks
  • 90 tons of parts of the Titanic
  • Priceless paintings by Goya, El Greco and Murillo
  • Madonna’s hair wigs for her concert
  • Jaws, the star of the famous film
  • 504,000 bottles of Beaujolais Nouveau
  • The U.S. Paralympic Sailing Team yacht
  • A windmill from Denmark
  • An eight-ton statue of Filipino war hero Dr. Jose P. Rizal
  • A three-ton chocolate replica of Notre-Dame Cathedral

FedEx Cares. Our culture of community service and environmental initiatives distinguishes FedEx and has made a difference in millions of lives around the world. Here are a few ways we lend support to help deliver a better world:

  • 100s of tons of aid relief donated to countries in need
  • 1000s of trees planted across Europe
  • 6,000+ volunteer hours
  • 17,000+ sq. meters of solar panels
  • 1,000,000s of euros donated to various non-governmental organisations