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Claims for Damage or Delay

All claims must be notified in writing to FedEx within 21 calendar days after delivery of the Shipment, failing which no action for damages may be brought against FedEx. Receipt of the Shipment by the Recipient without written notice of damage on the delivery receipt is prima facie evidence that the Shipment was delivered in good condition. As a condition for FedEx considering any claim for damage the Recipient must make the contents, original shipping cartons and packaging available for inspection by FedEx.
FedEx reserves the right to inspect damaged Shipments on the customer's premises as well as the right to retrieve the damaged Package for inspection at a FedEx facility.

All of the original shipping cartons, packing and contents must be made available for inspection by FedEx and retained until the claim is concluded.

Claims for Loss, Non-delivery or Misdelivery

All claims for loss, non-delivery or misdelivery must be received by FedEx in writing within 45 calendar days after the Shipment is accepted by FedEx.
FedEx will only accept claims filed by the Sender unless the Sender provides written permission to accept the claim by the Recipient.