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Downloadable documents

 TitleModified DateDescription
How to Complete a Commercial Invoice23/06/2014 
Food and Drug Administration (FDA) form23/06/2014 
Supplementary Services22/06/2016Price List of Supplementary Services.
How to Complete a FedEx International Air Waybill23/06/2014Use the brief checklist to make sure you complete every part correctly.
Federal Communications Commission (FCC) form23/06/2014 
Commercial Invoice23/06/2014The Commercial Invoice is important for the clearance process used by customs officials to classify merchandise, so that duties & taxes can be correctly assessed
Claim Form15/07/2014FedEx Express Claim Form Instructions
Conditions of carriage23/06/2014Federal express Conditions of carriage for Europe, the middle East, the India subcontinent and Africa.
Commission contract22/06/2016The subject of this Contract is an indirect representation of the Principal by the Commission Agent in customs and administrative procedure on deliberation of each consignment.