Consulting – Management systems

We offer you our know-how in building and maintaining the following systems:

  • quality management according to ISO 9001 requirements
  • environmental management according to ISO 14001 requirements
  • management of occupational health and safety according to ISO 18001 requirements
  • food safety management according to ISO 22000 requirements
  • HACCP food safety
  • food safety management according to international IFS standards
  • food safety management according to international BRC standards

We offer the following services for these systems:

  • audits:
    • initial - assessment of your company's compliance with the requirements of the standard
    • internal - study of selected systems within your company
    • pre-certification - study of whether the system you have built complies with the requirements of the standard before the performance of a certification audit
  • Consulting, consultation and assistance:
    • to choose the most useful system / combination of systems for your company
    • in creating the necessary documentation for implementing the selected system
    • in implementation of the requirements of applied standards in the practice of your company
    • how to implement the selected system in your company
    • audits and internal verification of applied system
  • training:
    • top management
    • those who will create and process the documentation for the selected systems
    • internal auditors for the selected systems
    • management representatives
    • on purpose - according to your company's needs regarding selected system

Reasons why it pays to implement these systems:

  • customer and legislative requirements
  • the implemented system increases the effectiveness and efficiency of company management
  • it is better to avoid quality problems than fix them
  • the implemented system will improve the company's reputation
  • the implemented system increases customer confidence
  • the implemented system contributes to success in business
  • the implemented system clearly defines competences in the performance of individual activities


Our consultants are constantly educating themselves as required by legislative and have completed the following courses:

  • IRCA ISO 9000:2000 series QMS Lead Auditor course (IRCA registered)
  • Environmental Management System Auditor / Lead Auditor course (IRCA registered)
  • EARA Approved Advanced Environmental Management Systems Auditing Course (UK)
  • HACCP auditor course
  • principles of the BRC (British Retail Consortium) hygiene standard and its integration into systems for food quality and safety
  • courses on IFS (International Food Standard) and IFS Logistics
  • course on the implementation of OHSAS 18001 requirements
  • additional courses on implementing higher versions of particular standards
  • calibration courses providing sophisticated approach to requirements implementation