Inspection of goods - engineering commodities

Engineering section

Our activities in this area consist of:

  • inspection of material
  • inspection of welding
  • inspection of dimensions
  • inspection of workshops
  • verification of tests
  • inspection of goods before loading
    This inspection serves to verify compliance of the loaded goods with given parameters according to contract, valid standards and other relevant documents.
    The usual inspection scope before loading of goods includes:
    • quality
    • quantity
    • packing
    • marking
    • verification of documents
    These checks may also include representative sampling and preserving taken samples for future reference in case of claims. Our company issues reports and certificates from such inspections, which often serve as one of the documents presented to the banks to release the letter of credit. Integral part of issued inspection documents are photos.
    Supervision of loading is performed to verify that:
    • supply fully complies with the client ´s specification
    • means of transport (containers, trucks, barges, wagons etc.) designed to carry inspected goods are clean, functional and in good technical condition
    • handling of supply during loading, placing and fixing it in means of transport correspond with the nature of loaded goods in order to prevent any damage
  • check-in inspection - significantly reduces the risk of jeopardizing the production because of low-quality supply of raw materials or input products
  • check-out inspection - gives manufacturers the assurance that the customer will receive the supply in ordered quality and quantity
  • inspection of building work during the implementation of investment units:
    • inspection of documentation
    • inspection during construction
    • inspection of deliveries for investment action
    • inspection and verification of tests carried out when initializing pressure and other equipments
    • sampling of materials
    • technical supervision of construction during project implementation
    • technical inspection in production of building elements
    • technical due diligence (building part)
    • conformity assessment of projects building parts with defined rules and standards
    • assessment of initial budget increase by investment costs
    • feasibility of the deadline for completion of investment/new technology
    • monitoring the effectiveness of the use of funds provided to the project

All activities are carried out by experienced workers using thorough knowledge of the standards that apply to the goods being inspected depending on the country of the importer or customer.

The company is able to make provisions for other commodities depending on the requirements of the customer who orders the inspection. Prices are also set by agreement for each individual case.

Break down of activities for each investment action:

  • inspection and monitoring in factories
    • technical inspection and tests carried out in factories according to a valid quality plan and quality inspections
    • monitoring and evaluation of compliance with work schedules in factories
    • inspection before delivery to the site of implementation for completeness, packaging, preservation and the like
    • inspection of building process and monitoring and verification of progress costs
  • Technical supervision of building sites - Activities are carried out separately for   
    • the engineering section
    • monitoring of procedure and the implementation plan
    • supervision during final inspection and final tests.
  • Coordination activity - coordination and initial inspection of documentation